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CDS Ashley Ridge

(318) 865-0039

           Layne Bonvillain, MSW, LCSW, LAC, CCS

Mr. Bonvillain has provided behavioral health services for over 25 years caring for individuals and families at the inpatient, outpatient and intensive outpatient levels of care.  He is a member of the National Association of Social Workers; board member Program Chair for NASW regional; and recipient of the 2015 NASW Dorothy Schenthal Leadership Award.  Layne began private practice in 1992 and his office is located in the Ashley Ridge Business Park in Shreveport, Louisiana where he provides clinical services for adult and adolescent populations.

  • Mental Health Evaluations
  • Substance Abuse Screening & Evaluations
    Education - Counseling - Treatment - Aftercare & Recovery Support Services
  • Random Alcohol & Drug Testing Services
  • Anger Management & Domestic Violence Programs
  • Sex & Pornography Addiction Evaluations
    Counseling - Treatment - Aftercare & Recovery Support Services
  • Sex Offender Evaluations
    Counseling - Treatment - Aftercare - Recovery Support Services 
  • Shoplifting & Theft Deterrence Programs
  • Child Custody Evaluations 
    If substance use disorders are involved and by court appointment only

Clinical services and programs are approved by city and parish probation offices and courts.  Call now to schedule a free consultation session (318) 865-0039.